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Suggestion for future videos

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I think it will add a LOT of value to the videos if the slaves ate the shit RIGHT out of the asshole (no delay, or waiting for the pile to build up). I understand it is more submissive for the slave to wait for permission to eat, but that is simply not what is more erotic.

Eating shit FRESH from the asshole is one of the hottest things to do in scat porn. (example:   It shows the true desperation of the slave to eat the precious food.  It takes away from how erotic it is when the slave just patiently waits with the gift in his mouth like he actually doesn't want to eat it.

I would greatly appreciate it if this were a change that could be made for future videos because it would make the videos SO much hotter if the scat was eaten FRESH out the butt.


Lastly, since I know Liza will not be coming back (the post i read said she probably changed her number/got married), I HIGHLY recommend bringing Amina back because she was the next best thing to Liza. Big butt, makes thicker and more solid loads (which are the hottest, soft loads are close to liquids). Also she is the only girl you have with an asian complexion.

That is all! I love the work you do and I really hope you would consider my suggestions! 😀