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Psychological Impact

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Psychological Impact

Hello friends, I'm new on the forum and I thank to Poo19 Studios for to created such a community. Although we are willing to eat a shit of the girls, I think the biggest step is to be determined as an idea about that. Of course, there is a great physical challenge, but be ready for this situation psychologically is more than just a physical challenge.

The things I'm wondering are:

  1. What exactly was the think that your dream of the fetish to be a toilet slave turned into reality?
  2. How were you psychologically after use as a toilet slave for the first time?
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1. This is a pleasure that has no limit, you always want new girls and different situations.

2. I was afraid that I might get infected, because the first time I did it with random girls and did not check them for diseases. However, all the girls that I tested (and I tested them for all diseases that can be infected through the mucous membranes) did not get sick with anything. Gradually, thoughts of illness disappeared and I began to enjoy!