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Studio Poo19 main forum

HIGH QUALITY SCAT PHOTOS Poo19, enjoy and post yours!

Write - do you want to see more photos or have you seen it and you are not interested?


Toilet slaves (men) - ads! If you are looking for a mistress or video studio in your city (country).

This section will be convenient for any studio that may need new toilet slaves for video filming, as well as for mistresses who want to find a slave in their city who is ready to pay for copro services. Submit your toilet slave portfolio here. Be sure to write Country, City, Age, Sexual Preferences, and Experience in scat. Post photos if desired. Write - are you ready to pay for copro services or want to be filmed in a video. Good (well-designed) ads will be fixed at the top of the forum and you will be able to get the result - it may be 1, 2, 3 years, but with the growth of the forum, your post will be seen by a large number of users, including a girl or a video studio from your city. Here the main factor is locality (organization of real meetings in cities).



Here you can read the latest news, as well as ask questions about the Poo19 studio.


The idea of creating a scat universe (not a scat hotel)

Due to the huge number of fans of the scat theme, it is necessary to create a comfortable and safe platform for girls and slaves around the world. Copro services don't have to be expensive as these videos can be sold. Thus - toilet slaves will be able to travel and do what they love for free or earn! I created a separate forum for this to work towards and discuss this goal.


Scat-related workflows

Anyone closely associated with the scat niche is interested in sharing information or listening to stories from the personal experiences of those who participated in the filming. In the process of work, many interesting situations arise that you can tell or listen to stories from other fans.


Copro hotel with Russian girls in Europe (in the distant future)

It is very difficult to organize, since it is not possible to adequately pay for the services of the girls. And the mistress does not want to provide sexual services. However, I will keep this forum as it is doable - but difficult.


Search for toilet slaves (ONLY MISTRESSES write here, slaves read and answer!)

If you are a lady and you are ready to provide services - scat to men in your country (city) - write your message here and you will always find clients!


Swallowing female shit (worms, smell, consistency, illness, pleasure) - everything connected with it!

Swallowing female shit is a psychologically and physically difficult process. Those who do it for the first time get emotions for life and will never forget. This is a harmful and painful process, but many are ready to go for it again and again, turning into a puppet for the mistress. And they can no longer refuse it!


Suggest ideas for shooting (I'm always looking for something new)

If your proposed topic, typing a few comments, I will immediately shoot a video on your topic.


Search for girls for skat (suggest working schemes!)

Finding girls is a complicated process. Skat is a taboo for many, not only women, but also a man. In many ways, I do not like to develop this direction, since I have to receive a lot of rejections and negative emotions in my direction. If you have some clever ideas - tell me!